Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tom Frame

I finished the last pages of Battler 5 last night, so now I've got some free time to tidy up a few loose ends around here. First cab off the rank is a Judge Hershey illustration for a Tom Frame commemorative spread being put together by Rufus Dayglo at 2000AD. Tom Frame was an institution around the 2000AD offices, and at some time or another he lettered just about every strip in the weekly. Last month Tom died from cancer.

Although I never drew Judge Hershey often, I count it a real honor to have some input on this. On the couple of occasions that I met Tom back in the early '80's, he was nothing but helpful, and I would have loved to hear a few more of his hilarious stories over an ale or three. I will be eternally thankful to him for his suggestion of wrapping a wad of masking tape around the handle of my brushes, as at the time the tips of my fingers were turning concave from all the hours of inking I was putting in on my first few Judge Dredd stories for the mag.

Thanks Tom, you were a great guy.......


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