Thursday, October 09, 2008

So You Think This Is Funny?!...

If you haven't already been laid off, this is a great time to be an editorial cartoonist. We see some good stuff here in Australia, but with the weird shit going down in the States at the moment, it is the (few surviving ) US cartoonists that are hitting the home runs these days.

I'm a huge fan of Pat Oliphant and crank up my computer every morning eager to see his latest work. The stuff he is currently producing on the US election campaign has been some of his best work (he absolutely nails the whole Republican/Sarah Palin farago) and should see publication in every newspaper, worldwide. So why are so many of his contemporaries being laid-off or retired just when we need them the most?

Thank heavens for GoComics.

These are tough times for any supporter the current US regime, and Michael Ramirez often struggles not to look too desperate. But today's effort was near perfect...crmrm081009.gif


Blogger Pedro C. said...

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Blogger Bobby.N said...

Though I'm not much for American politics, Michael Ramirez is one of my favorite cartoonists. Whenever I see his wonderful controlled 'scratchiness', it puts a flutter in my chest.


3:28 PM  

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