Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Digital Painting (Part 1)

I've decided I'm finally going to learn how to paint. Not the messy stuff in tubes and bottles, its time to go digital with this stuff.

I've got a cover to do - for something I probably shouldn't talk too much about at this stage. To hit the thing running, last week I picked up a decent sized Wacom tablet. I've used those little 4x5 Graphire things for years, but this baby is big - 6x11 - I can't even fit the thing on my bloody desk!

But the painting is coming along nicely, and if this thing works out I might be tempted to do more of this stuff. A better image will follow, when I get some idea if I'm allowed to post the whole thing here.


Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

Looks STAR WARSy to me.

2:21 PM  

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