Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hot...Damned hot!

Today, in Melbourne, we got our first taste of the long hot summer to come. 36ยบ makes it rather hard to work, and there promises to be a few more from where that one came from too. Two Star Wars books to complete before the end of the year. Hmmm.....

Posts here are going to get a little less frequent for the next couple of months.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Star Wars

With my recent Star Wars cover appearing on the Dark Horse website, for Legacy ep 8, I can also say that I am now working on some interior art for the same series.

My first, as yet unscheduled book is now almost complete, and over the weekend I received two more episodes to draw, probably books 9 and 10 in the same series. The painting experiments have been shelved for the moment, and I'm now getting back into sf.

While I'll admit I'm no big fan of the recent films, I enjoyed the original Star Wars film when it was released back in 1977, although I had no idea just how much it would re-define the whole field of popular science fiction for the film and comic buying public. For me Star Wars was, and still is a Western that just happens top be set in the future, and luckily the saga has been a visual treat thanks to some of the best designers in the business. personally I'm a huge fan of another old ex-2000AD artist Dermot Power, and if I can bring a quarter of the creative imagination to my comic art as he displayed in his work on Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones all be a very happy little camper.