Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching up...

After a complicated and extremely busy year (more on that later...), I've finally found some time to start updating my website, which until recently, has been offline for a while. There are still a few links that don't work correctly, but at present the priority is to bring the site details up to date, and then to get some new stuff up there while I've got the chance..

Here's an Armageddon Con commission that I've just completed this week, that (hopefully) should keep another fan happy....

UP 205.jpg


Blogger Cap A said...

Hi Colin, how are you doing? Fine I hope, and still very busy probably. This is Dominique here from Belgium (you remember the interview we did together for Rough Stuff magazine). Colin, I thought it might be a succesfull way to contact you through your blog. In fact, I've two questions for you, even three. 1) I saw that you've been credited as one of the artists who will draw an issue of "Jour J". Do you confirm? When will your book be published, do you know that?
2) is there any chance that you could, soon, find some time to sign & sketch my books that I hope you still have at your studio?
3) I just saw tha you've a sketchbook available. Do you have a copy left for me. I'd like to buy one.
So, Colin, I hope you'll find some time to answer me. Thanks in advance. Best, DOMINIQUE (my email:

12:44 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Hi Colin,

I'm friends with a good teacher friend of yours who lives in Rosanna. She suggested I contact you as I have just finished a screenplay that I have been tinkering with for twenty years. It is bold, epic, surreal, and perfect for a graphic novel (then later a film I hope). And seeing your talent I think you might be a perfect fit to do the artwork. This is a story that, while aimed at young adults, has the potential to cross over into many markets the way Star Wars did. I'm not good at self promotion Colin so I will just say I hope that you e-mail me soon to discuss things further.

Not to sure how this blogging stuff works so I'll give you my e-mail here or if you would like to speak to me directly please call your friend in Rosanna and get my home number from her.

Kind Regards


3:37 AM  

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