Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Over the last 18 months I've been working closely with local Melbourne playwright Tom Taylor on a variety of comic projects, and the first of these to surface looks like being in Flinch, a new anthology title of Australian comic talent published by Gestalt Comics.

This lovely little book, with contributions from, amongst other, Chris Bones, Christian Read, Bobby.N, Justin Randall - not to mention a wonderful cover illustration by Shaun Tan - has recently surfaced on Amazon Books, with a planned publication date of May.

Early last year Tom and I produced a 7-page short story White Dove III, which will appear in Flinch, and a second story, an 11-pager called The Examplee, will be published in another anthology, this time centered around short stories all written by Tom, to be published by Gestalt later this year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Collection.jpgThe start of a new year, and I can finally mention a few of the various projects I've been recently working on. Star Wars I cannot talk about until next month, but this morning the latest issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine arrived featuring my first Dredd work in nearly 10 years.

Written by Al Ewing, Magic Bullets is the first part of a twenty page Dredd story I did for the Megazine late last year. Another story, a thirty-pager, will follow later in the year. I must say I've had a ball drawing Old Stoney Face after all this time, and with hints of a possible new Dredd film project in development (check out some of Jock's pre-production art starting to appear on various sites), it looks like being a good year for everyones favorite Future Cop...

A nice little surprise arrived at the same time: Judge Dredd: The Colin Wilson Collection. This features 50+ pages of Dredd stories I drew for both 2000AD and The Megazine in the late '90's. A funny though just occurred to me... if I get the chance to draw something for 2000AD next year, I will have had work published there for each of the last four decades. Scary...