Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mega-City One

Terrific post by long-time 2000AD contributor D'Isreaeli on how a selection of Dredd artists have portayed the architecture of Mega-City One over the years.

Mick McMahon is rightly credited as the most influential artist who really did most of the early, definitive groundwork, but I'm wondering why particular favorite of mine Kev Walker doesn't get a mention...

Go Jo!

Our wonderful Star Wars: Invasion cover artist Jo Chen is up for Best Cover Artist in the recently announced Eisner Award Nominations. Yay!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Well, that all turned out rather well. With Melbourne and Brisbane Supanova events on successive weekends, it has been 10 days of near-constant solid Con styling, and rather seductive for all that. But clearly I'm going to have to lift my game... writer and fellow traveller Tom Taylor has taken to this Con stuff like a seasoned pro, and I'm going to have to be careful or get left coughing and spluttering in his dust! We both especially enjoyed the Brisbane leg.... the whole event was much bigger than the Melbourne Con, I got to talk to a lot of new fans, some of the Cosplay was just stunning, and despite protesting loud and long, Tom and I were swept into all the inner circle socialising. We both loved it.


• Our two Masterclass events at each event. They all started slowly but gradually we dragged in the fans, and by Brisbane we were working like a well- oiled machine.

• The public reception to The Example. The sales were terrific... and many buyers returned to tell us how much they enjoyed reading the book.

• Friday night's Opening session in Brisbane. The crowd was well warmed up, and went ballistic when Tom, Jhonen and Todd started to mess with our master of ceremonies' bald, but very humid pate.

• Talking tech stuff with Todd McFarlane on Saturday night.

• Eating Sushi with Tom Taylor, Jhonan Vasquez, Amber Benson and Adam Busch on Saturday evening. OK, I don't eat fish, but the chicken teriyaki was to die for, and the moving conveyer belt of sushi dishes passing by was hipnotic. And as with the rest of the weekend, Mr Vasquez had us all in stitches.


• Our Brisbane flight being delayed by a huge thunderstorm that hit Melbourne lunchtime Friday. And then having to fly though it all again when we finally did get to liftoff. I try to enjoy flying, I really do, but this one was a bit scary.