Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching up...

After a complicated and extremely busy year (more on that later...), I've finally found some time to start updating my website, which until recently, has been offline for a while. There are still a few links that don't work correctly, but at present the priority is to bring the site details up to date, and then to get some new stuff up there while I've got the chance..

Here's an Armageddon Con commission that I've just completed this week, that (hopefully) should keep another fan happy....

UP 205.jpg

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Example

The_Example.jpg"and yes, it’s as effing good as the accolades suggest."

"This is an eleven page masterpiece of a comic"

"The Example is fantastic storytelling in a compact form and should be in everyone's pull file."

"It’s a clever device and Taylor does a nice job distilling the debate into a fine focus."

All quotes from the terrific reviews that The Example has been gathering in the States since going on sale there a couple of months ago.
Broken Frontier, The Outhouse, Newsarama, and the Comic Book Resources have all really liked what they have seen, and our little 11-pager that Tom and I produced for Gestalt Comics has going down a treat over there.....