Monday, December 20, 2010


GoW_Page01_col.jpgAlthough you wouldn't know it from their current website, last month I finished a one-off issue of Gears of War for Wildstorm. This book ended a very crazy year for me and was fun to do, especially when I learned that the issue was written by Karen Traviss. Already a very successful author (including a bunch of Star Wars novels), Karen is the writer of the next Gears game due, well, some time next year. Gears #15 is Karen's book writing the current comic series for Wildstorm/DC.

I had a lot of fun working on with Karen on this, and I've just seen the wonderful job Wes Hartman has done with the colour on the book. This is going to be one good-looking issue!

Philip Tan is doing the cover, and the book will be in stores on December 29.