Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Wire

Does anyone watch free-to-air television anymore?

Back in the day, growing up in New Zealand, I was a complete addict, and I'd watch anything and everything. Ten years living in France cured me of that. Here in Australia, with free-to-air effectively controlled by commercial multi-nationals, television is an extremely unpleasant experience, and these days I watch my motorsport and little else. Well, until recently that is.

Earlier this year while spending a weekend with ex-2000AD editor and DC Comics up-and-comer Andy Diggle, we got to talking about some of our favorite movies, and inevitably the topic of television came up. I think I'd just searched out a boxed set of The Sweeney (don't worry about it, ask your grandfather...) only to blanch a little at the 120 quid asking price. Maybe I was lamenting the state of current TV cop shows - OK, we've got The Sopranos, but even here I struggle to maintain an interest) but Andy suggested I check out the HBO series The Wire.

And its terrific. A month or so I picked up a cheap copy of season 2 and enjoyed it immensely. Now its season 1, and a recently bit-torrented season 3 awaits. OK, the workflow is slowing somewhat, but there should be more stuff like this around. Maybe there is.....


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Blogger D.TAYLOR said...

Hi Colin,
Thanks so much for your comments on my work sir! I`m still in shock that you found my site and left your much appreciated words!!!
I`ve always been a big fan of your work,from Young Blueberry,Rael (amazing work) and your 2000AD stuff ect...
I read your Battler Britton #2 last night and really enjoyed obviously love drawing those wonderful WWII fighters! Very cool!
Anyway...all the best and good luck with the painting! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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