Monday, April 23, 2007

DPW 02

Although I don't usually work up thumbs to this level of detail, it's a worthwhile exercise to get obvious visual problems sorted before going to finished page art. Between the first and second draft of the script the first speech balloon on page 2 here suddenly became an orphan. Not good, and it obviously needs to be moved up into the final panel of page 1.

This is also where I try to work on character design. If you are going to have to live with these guys for months, or in some cases years, you've really got to be comfortable with them. What do they look like? What clothes would they wear. Haircuts? Body language? No amount of character sketching can solve all the problems - this is the stage where each character has to actually fit into the story. Its worth trying out different stuff, and so here the visual aspect of each character is still very fluid, and they may change quite a lot from panel to panel until I arrive at a stage where I am completely comfortable with their visual appearance.


Blogger G said...

Hi Colin,

Long time no chat. Good to see you posting and working on your own stuff here. Will be interested to see how your Diesel Park West story, art and characters develop.

I definitely know what you mean about trying to work out a character design that you'll be happy with so you won't get bored drawing him/her for long periods. Maybe sketchup some character profile models or something might help? I don't know, I never do much sketching when I draw my stuff.

Looking forward to seeing more.


11:49 PM  
Blogger Dave Dorman said...

Hey Colin,

Just wanted to say hi. I have admired your work since first coming across it on the Blueberry books and Rael. Been a BIG fan since then and always wanted to sa so. But you are a very hard fellow to track down! Hope to meet you someday and shake your hand. Keep up the wonderful work and I am really looking forward to the Star Wars work! Take care, my friend. Dave Dorman

7:51 PM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Lovely stuff Colin, looks pretty much done. Do you use much reference at this stage for backgrounds and cars?

2:16 AM  
Blogger Colin Wilson said...

Lots of refs at this stage. Google Images is just great - there are not a lot of Cadillac Escalades here in Melbourne - but I've even had the time to go out at take lotsa digital pics of my own.

Bit different to Star Wars! :-)

5:37 AM  

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