Monday, August 20, 2007

Out with the db's...

More thumbs now on my website. When I first began writing this script back in February, I never imagined that I’d manage to draw 20 pages, but with more pressing work now at hand, these will be the last I will be posting for the time being.

I’ve enjoyed writing this, I’ve learned a lot about comic script writing. This first book runs to 26 pages, and the script for the next episode is already well advanced. But this was never planned as more than an exercise, and unfortunately I just won’t have the spare time to either write or draw more RDDs (note the final title)....

Enjoy.... and if enough readers find this interesting, who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll have the opportunity to post more pages.


Blogger Steven Sterlacchini said...

I was just getting in to the story as well. I now realise these are 'roughs', but I actually really like the slightly sketchier style for this story. I also like the landscape format, very cinematic. I hope something comes of this, I haven't read an intelligent comic for quite a while.

Well you've got one advanced order anyway.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Bobby.N said...

Yes - Colin's 'roughs' are very mature & advanced. Many an artist wishes their final work looked as good.


9:43 PM  

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