Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chris Knox

Just heard the awful news that old friend Chris Knox suffered a stroke earlier this week in Auckland, and may not walk again. Back in the day Chris was the lead singer for New Zealand's best local band - Toy Love - and after they broke up in the early 80's went on to have an illustrious career in music, journalism and cartooning. Without a doubt, he is one of NZ's finest songwriters, and if you ever saw him perform his music live it was always an unforgettable experience.

For Chris, and his family Barbara, John and Leisha... our thoughts are with you.....


Blogger Cap A said...

Hi Colin,

this is Dominique LĂ©onard here in Belgium. You remember me? I tried to contact you last night but it seems that your email address has changed. Would you like to drop me a line at:

Thanks in advance. Regards.


9:14 PM  
Blogger Ivan Halen said...

That's a very sad news
... I actually found a copy of ALIA yesterday and wanted to learn more about the authors SMOLDEREN and yourself ...
Found your blog and learnt about Chris Knox ...
I met him some 15 years ago at a TALL DWARFS gig in London .. great artists / awesome songwriter. For those who don't know listen to "Fork SOngs" by TALL DWARFS and "Seizure" by CHris.
Ivan Halen Semeria

4:23 AM  

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