Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot for SDCC...

IMG_0062.jpgThis is it... the biggie. Picked up a Mustang in LA, drove down with Tom Taylor and Wayne Nichols on Monday afternoon, and this afternoon we pick up our credentials for the big one.

And to no-ones surprise, it hot here in San Diego. Not Melbourne hot.... humid, sticky Brisbane hot. It's going to make the Con interesting, and so obviously we've had to top up all our precious bodily fluids....


Blogger Wiggz said...

Hello Colin,
I'm a long and old 2000AD fan currently work for Rebellion.I would like to email you with regard to your work.If you could email me it would be greatly appreciated,



12:22 PM  
Blogger Colin Wilson said...

Hi Wiggz
Send me an email at and we can get in touch...

1:06 AM  

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