Saturday, July 04, 2009


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After 14 years of maintaining a website, I've finally got myself a domain name. With my old ISP cutting me off a lot quicker than expected, thanks to Wolfgang at Gestalt my comic work, in all its glory, can now be found here. Who knows, I might even have the time to update the site one day....

But with SW: Invasion #1 now in the shops, thoughts turn to San Diego. It's been 15 years since I last braved an SDCC and everyone warns me to expect the worst.... bigger, busier, louder... But I'm really looking forward to being there this year, initial reaction to Invasion has been terrific, and this will be my first ever US Comic Con as an author.

So if you are attending, pass by the Dark Horse stand and say hi.......


Blogger Gilles said...


I am French (sorry for my english speaking). I have just discover your job on blueberry, and i want to say BRAVO.

I am a great fan of Jean Michel Charlier, for the best story writing on french bd.

Can you say me why you had stop this adventure with michel cortegiani (after mister charlier was dead)?

PS: si un jour vous venez en france en dédicace, je serai heureux (le plus heureux des bédéphiles) en vous rencontrant et en faisant dédicacer une de mes bd de blueberry.

Bonne continuation et pleins de succès dans tous vos futurs projets.


12:04 PM  
Blogger awcomix said...

Hi Collin, I enjoyed your comicspot interview greatly. Just wondering if you have heard about the Australain comic wiki Hayase?
It would be great to have soemone with your history add some knowledge to the site. In particular do you know anything about the series of comics put out during 1975-1978 in Australia by Macmillan called Falcon Comics? You may know a little something about the artists involved which would be fantastic to know
Cheers Anthony Woodward

7:05 PM  
Blogger OrLoK said...

Hello there,

Just been reading me old back progs and came across those old Rogue Trooper stories you drew(inked? painted?).

Anyhoo, thought I'd look you up on the net as I'm hunting down relics from my past, like "the Trigan Empire" and here you are!

Unfortunately, on your web page the link to the 2000ad art is down (seems to point to a different url to the other pages.) any ideas when it will be back?



12:20 PM  
Blogger OrLoK said...

Had a quick peek again at your site, it looks like that page is still pointing to your old server, rather than the new one.



(Sorry for the added post, i dont seem to be able to redit me last comment.)

12:23 PM  

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