Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Losers

The-Losers-Cover.jpgThe Forbidden Planet International blog sums this up pretty well:
Will the film be any good? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing’s for certain, there’s no way the film will be as good as the source, because the graphic novels are about as filmic as you’re going to get, just with perfect characterisation, great sets and an effects budget that’s as good as Diggle and Jock’s imagination.
(There’s a free pdf download of issue 1 at the DC Vertigo site here).

I was lucky enough to draw three issues of the comic series late in its 32-issue run (Vertigo are scheduled to republish all of the series this year), and I had a ball doing it. In fact it was the series that convinced me that maybe I could find work in US comics. And so I'm really looking forward to the film..... knowing Andy, this was exactly the way he wrote the comic series, and all the elements are in the comic series to make a great film.....

Fingers crossed!


Blogger Steven Sterlacchini said...

Yep, the trailer look lots of fun.

I hope they've also captured some of the darkness of the story as well. The comic has got a lot of nice subtleties, which are often difficult to translate to the big screen.

If it's half as good as the comic, it will be pretty darn good.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.......................................................

9:39 AM  
Blogger alxxdsgn said...

Great cover !!

1:32 PM  

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