Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bullet To The Head

DuPlomb.jpegWhile I've got no recent news about the Warners film deal we signed last year, Du Plomb Dans La Tete appears in English for the first time this week as Bullet To The Head, published by Dynamite Entertainment. A short preview is available here.

Originally published in France (and several other European countries) by Casterman as three 54-page albums, Bullet To The Head is a classic crime noir mini-series written by Matz (The Killer) about two NYPD cops, two villains, and several very crooked politicians.

Buy it now.... you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paw, Paw, Paw....


After threatening to do this for a couple of years, I've finally got around to producing this little item, my very first sketchbook. So far I've only seen a printers proof, but by this week all should be ready to go for the upcoming Comic Cons that I'll be signing at over the next two months (Supanova Sydney and Perth, and then some minor little thing next month in San Diego...).

Dedicaces features about 35 of my little-seen or previously unpublished illustrations in 28 action-filled pages - a strictly limited edition of 300 (or at least until I get around to printing more) - and goes on sale for the princely sum of $10. And as the Oz dollar is currently starts to tank, that'll have to be $10(US) or I'll never reach retirement age....

Track me down at one of the forthcoming Comic Cons, or contact Royd for your very own copy.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Losers - Postscript

Was the film as flat for everyone else as it was for me? (Rhetorical question really, given the box office figures...) So what the hell happened? All the elements were there to make this an hour and a half of escapist fun, but the film - unlike Andy's comic script - pounded itself into the ground within the first 15 minutes, and then just kinda stayed down for the count....

Shame really, as I was rather hoping that a comic series that I really enjoyed working on might have been better treated by Hollywood.

And as for Jason Patric.... well, words fail me.......