Sunday, August 02, 2009

SDCC - The Aftermath

sdcc.jpgWe survived SDCC, and it was great! The place is huge, packed, and alternatively hot or cold depending on where you stand. The feeding frenzy kicked on Wednesday evening - the oddly names "Professionals Night" (it is now open to anyone why ponies up for a four-day pass) when a frightening wave of rabid fans cascaded through the opening doors and literally ran to where they wanted to go, and hardly let up until the doors closed on Sunday evening.

We - all 24 of us - celebrated with a Aussies-only dinner, and everyone agreed that it was the best SDCC yet. That place was so huge that I'm convinced that someone moves stuff around each night after the doors have closed, as I kept discovering new things that I'm convinced weren't there the day before. Or maybe it was just the spectacular dress-ups... I lost count of the near naked slave-Lieas, the spectacular Wonderwomen, the Stormies, the Predators, the countless numbers of other characters who I didn't have a clue who they were. It looks like everyone has a ball, and I know I'll certainly be back next year.....


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